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About mDietGuru

mDietGuru helps you to achieve your fitness and guide you to reduce your weight through an app that gives you access to customized expert advice, tracks your progress and provides tools that make you fit and fabulous faster. mDietGuru comprise of doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers who delivers guaranteed results. All you have to do is track your food and exercise, follow Diet Plan and result will follow your footsteps.



Amazing Features

mDietGuru provides you with a wide variety of Features through which you can keep track of each and every food you eat and every exercise you do. mDietGuru also provide Health tips, Diet Plans and Ask a Specialist Service to users.

Extensive database of hundreds of Indian and Global cuisine.

With a wide variety of food list, you can easily judge from company products to dairy product, from local cuisines to international cuisines.

Ask a Specialist

Take real time advise from our various experts like Dieticians, Ayurveda experts etc. 24/7. mDietGuru keeps experts close to you via WhatsApp group.

My Diet Plan

The mobile application which not only tells how much to eat but guide you to what to eat.

Daily Diet & Health Tips

Get daily tips from our experts on your phone. From Nutrition experts, yoga experts, Physiotherapist, fitness expert, Homeopathic expert, Ayurveda expert.

Burn Your Calories

Efforts you make to burn a single calorie with almost every exercise covered. You can make weight loss quicker and easier by increasing your metabolic rate and burning more calories.

Graphical Representation of Data

Instead of Values all over the app, the Graphical Representations makes it easy to understand and interpret data at a glance..


Our meal log Reminder, reminds you to input the meal details in case you forgot to enter.

Refer a Friend

Now referring a friend is fun and more valuable. Earn points and gain various plans for free. Also enjoy benefits of coupons from various spa, gym etc.


Pedometer to count your every footstep. Now walking is fun...

What's mDietGuru

Tips for creating wellness

Employee wellness programs are becoming more turnkey with each passing year. On paper, everything is streamlined, organized, calculated and very doable...


mDietGuru offers exclusive Diet plans for our interested user. They may choose from 3 categories of plan as stated below.


  • Access to and maintain and access your medical reports online
  • General - Tip of the Day by Email & SMS
  • Once in a Week workshop by specialist at your workplace
  • Health Blog
  • Onsite Immunizations and health checkup camp


  • All Benefits of gold + Personalized Tip of the Day
  • Session by specialist every day of the week
  • Electronic Medical reports data
  • Health Screening
  • Individual customize wellness news letter
  • Setting a Smart Goal & creating a Plan
  • Periodic Reminders


  • All Benefits of Platinum
  • Your personal Yoga Expert
  • Your Personal Dietitian
  • Your Personal Nutrition Expert
  • Your Personal Homeopathy Doctor
  • Your Personal Fitness Expert
  • Your Personal Ayurveda Expert
  • Access to Exclusive Titanium members WhatsApp group
  • Gift Cards - Spa, Gym, etc.

Future Services

Connect with Gadgets

Synchronize your gadgets with mDietGuru for faster and better results.


Now eliminate distance barriers. We will provide health care at distance through our application.

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